ipv6 vs. ipv4

Hendrik Friedel hendrik at friedels.name
Mon Apr 18 08:43:34 UTC 2022

Hello Kilian,

thanks for your reply.

>the WireGuard mobile apps prefer IPv4 for connecting to the peer, since this helps roaming between networks (where many are still IPv4-only).
understood. Is that documented somewhere? For the Windows-Client, I did 
read somewhere that ipv6 is preferred.
I find it inconsistent, that the clients behave differently.

>If you want to force an IPv6 transport, you either need to put a raw IPv6 address into Endpoint, or use an AAAA-only domain
Intuitively, I tried [my.domain.com]:51280 in order to enforce ipv6 
(just like ipv6 adresses are enclosed in [].
Would that not be an enhancement to the app?

Best regards,


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