wireguard.ko on RHEL8

Steve Dickson steved at redhat.com
Sun Apr 24 18:16:24 UTC 2022


Trying to install wireguard.ko on a RHEL8 vm (4.18.0-348.el8.x86_64)
and I'm getting

    wireguard: module verification failed: signature and/or required key 
missing - tainting kernel

The entire error:

is there anything at can be done about that?

I'm new to wireguard and I'm pretty impress...
It came up in both Fedora rawhide and an
unreleased verson of RHEL9...

We are trying to used it as our network in
a community wide virtual NFS testing event
called Bakeathon [1]

Again I'm new to wireguard but not to kernels ;-)
So if you could throw something at me to
help me get over this bum... It would be appreciated!

Note: I am not member of this list so please
reply to be directly.



[1] http://www.nfsv4bat.org/Events/2022/Apr/BAT/index.html

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