wireguard.exe /ui using lots of RAM (>5GB)

Max Schulze max.schulze at online.de
Mon Dec 11 10:52:09 UTC 2023


today, I saw a long-running (possibly 90+ days) "wireguard.exe /ui" process using 5Gb of RAM (nearly the limit of the machine). Normal operation is around 14 Mb.

WireGuard/0.5.3 (Windows 10.0.17763; amd64) Using WireGuardNT/0.10

I did a wireguard.exe /dumplog, but it only shows "handshake/keepalive" every two minutes like clockwork.

The wireguard tray Icon was possibly there (empty box) and did not react.

Starting wireguard.exe /ui from the command line did nothing.

I killed the process in windows explorer and restarted.

What can I do next time to gather more useful info?



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