[PATCH] Edited RU translation to avoid misunderstanding

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Wed Dec 20 17:56:12 UTC 2023

20.12.2023 20:20, Roman Lesechko пишет:
> With "секунд" I just tried to comply with english source. This option will be OK for the most numbers of seconds out of 60. If it's OK to use short 
> form I agree that "сек." is much better and won't cause any problems with understanding.
> My concern and main reason for patch is the part with status updates.
> -"macToggleStatusButtonActivate" = "Подключен";
> +"macToggleStatusButtonActivate" = "Подключить";
> -"macToggleStatusButtonDeactivate" = "Отключен";
> +"macToggleStatusButtonDeactivate" = "Отключить";
> -"tunnelOnDemandOptionOff" = "Выключить";
> +"tunnelOnDemandOptionOff" = "Отключено";

Yes, these definitely needs to go in, as currently
the meaning is just the opposite of reality.


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