User on mailinglist that collects addresses to send spam?

Christoph Loesch wireguard-mail at
Mon Jan 16 23:45:48 UTC 2023


sorry for this unrelated mail.

I use a separate mail-address for every site/contact who wants my mail-address.
Just checked my spam-folder and what do I see? a mail from janisa at to my wireguard mail-address which I use only for this mailinglist.
So I guess janisa at is collecting mail-addresses here and then sending unwanted spam-mails.

If this user is on this list, I would recommend to remove this address.

proof: (on request I can also provide full mail headers)

Subject:     AW: quote for TI part
Date:     Wed, 11 Jan 2023 19:26:42 +0900
From:     Janisa <janisa at>
Answer to:     janisa at
To:     CUST <wireguard-mail at>
Hi Purchaser,
Happy New Year!
I hope you had a great Christmas and some enjoyable down time.
Hope cooperate with you and explore new opportunities and achieve great success in the next 2023!
Are you searching for these two parts too? Pls check our offer,
THVD1429DR TI 2022+ 3.284usd
CDCLVP1204RGTR  TI 2019+ 0.986usd

Kind regards,

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