Peter Lister peter at bikeshed.quignogs.org.uk
Fri Mar 22 18:52:16 UTC 2024

I'm using wg on my home network, using a Linux router with OpenWRT and 
running services (e.g. IMAP) on LXC containers.

Having read how wg is intended to work within name spaces, I expected to 
easily create LXC containers with *only* a wg interface, but it seems 
that LXC only understands a "veth" interface and then a wg instance 
using this interface's address as an endpoint.

This works, but I want my internal services to see *only* the wg vpn. If 
a server container needs to connect out, e.g. for software update, I'll 
fire up a temporary veth with a temporary address.

It also seems odd that client hosts need each wg client to use 
per-server endpoint addresses when they are all hosted on one physical 
server's network interface.

I'm sure it's possible to script a solution, but ideally I want to 
specify lxc.net.0.type as "wireguard", give it a key pair and that 
should be that, with all config living outside the container.

This appears to me as common use-case. Has anyone spoken to the lxc 
developers about adding this kind of "first class citizen" support for wg?

All the best,

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