CGIT not working with PATH_INFO under Ubuntu 10.04 / Lighttpd

Lars Hjemli hjemli at
Sun Mar 27 09:58:42 CEST 2011

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 01:45, Angus Turnbull <angus at> wrote:
>> Even more strange (I was hoping to see some munging of query params
>> due to url rewriting or some such). But with identical input, you
>> should get identical output (ctx->repo should point at the correct
>> repo-struct in all the above cases), so I assume that ctx->repo
>> somehow becomes NULL after the call to cgit_get_repoinfo(), but only
>> when initialized via cgit_parse_url().
>> Could you try running cgit under gdb to find the culprit? E.g:
>> $ PATH_INFO=fsmenu gdb ./cgit
>> (gdb) break cgit_parse_url
>> (gdb) run
>> --
>> larsh
> For what it's worth, I've gone back to this and built cgit v0.9-8-g568d
> against Git v. and it now works well under Ubuntu Server 10.04
> with my existing configuration. I suppose the issue has resolved
> somehow!

Good to hear (even though the cause of the problem remains a mystery).


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