Development Flow Improvements

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Tue Sep 27 20:52:15 CEST 2016

Hey folks,

I wanted to update you on a conversation a few of us have been having
off-list. In order to hasten the speed of development, we're making
some changes to the way things are done.

All submitted patch series will now live in feature branches. Each
feature branch will be owned by either me (jd), John (jk), Christian
(ch), Ferry (fh), Lukas (lf), or Lars (lh), and will be titled
something like "jk/add-links-to-header". After enough review, and the
feature is ready to land, it will be put into the owner's "for-jason"
branch -- such as "ch/for-jason". Then, when I'm ready, I'll review
and sweep up all the various */for-jason branches (including my own!)
into master, and sometime after that cut a release.

This should pick up the pace a little bit, because it enables any of
us to more easily review a patch series and get it ready for final
inclusion. So, if you submit a patch series, and you get a reply from
me, John, Christian, Ferry, Lukas, or Lars, saying something like,
"I'll review this," it means it should shortly after wind up in a
feature branch on <>.

I think this will work out well. Looking forward to finally see some
patches land.


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