Avoiding virtual-root with Nginx

hi at alyssa.is hi at alyssa.is
Sun Jan 6 03:02:45 CET 2019

cgitrc(5) says

> NOTE: cgit has recently learned how to use PATH_INFO to achieve the
> same kind of virtual urls, so this option will probably be deprecated.

With this in mind, I've been trying and failing to set up CGit with
Nginx without using virtual-root. By default, CGit will generate links
starting with /cgit.cgi/, rather than just /, but I can set virtual-root
to / to get the behaviour I want. I've found vague mentions online of
Nginx's PATH_INFO format not being compatible with CGit, so my question
is: is this a bug in CGit, or is there something I should be doing
differently with Nginx?

Given that the quoted note is at least ten years old, I'm not worried
about it suddenly disappearing, but I'd still like to be sure I'm doing
things properly.

Alyssa Ross
hi at alyssa.is
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