Avoiding virtual-root with Nginx

Georg Faerber georg at riseup.net
Thu Jan 31 15:30:49 CET 2019


On 19-01-06 02:02:45, hi at alyssa.is wrote:
> With this in mind, I've been trying and failing to set up CGit with
> Nginx without using virtual-root. By default, CGit will generate links
> starting with /cgit.cgi/, rather than just /, but I can set
> virtual-root to / to get the behaviour I want. I've found vague
> mentions online of Nginx's PATH_INFO format not being compatible with
> CGit, so my question is: is this a bug in CGit, or is there something
> I should be doing differently with Nginx?
> Given that the quoted note is at least ten years old, I'm not worried
> about it suddenly disappearing, but I'd still like to be sure I'm
> doing things properly.

How do you serve the cgi code? I'm using uwsgi and Nginx, and could send
you the configs, in case that's of interest to you.

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