[pass] Using pass as non interactive password manager

notfreebeer at openmailbox.org notfreebeer at openmailbox.org
Sat Apr 25 01:12:49 CEST 2015

i'm trying to set up a little home server to, among other things, download my
mails via POP from various mail servers. I'm using mpop [0] for this, which
can read user's POP passwords either in plain text from the configuration
file, (which i don't like) or using a nice eval command.
My idea was to use pass as password manager, so i don't have to store
passwords in plain text. I'd set gpg-agent ttl variables to a very high value
to prevent expiration, feed the master password for the key encrypting the
password-store once, manually at server startup, and then let everything
happen in the background with mpop using eval on "pass show". The first
problem i had to face was cron not using environment variable for the password
store path, which i solved explicitly specifying it in crontab, but this is
more a general unix issue.
The second problem, the one which pushed me to ask for help here, is that
being used in background, gpg complains about not being able to write on tty.
So i tried putting "--no-tty" in the PGP_OPTS variable inside pass, but fairly
enough now mpop says it doesn't receive any output from the eval...

Can anyone imagine a way to workaround this issue? Did anyone ever use pass in
a similar situation?


[0] http://mpop.sourceforge.net/

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