Copy different line (feature proposal)

Utente Utopico utenteutopico at
Fri Jul 21 12:30:37 CEST 2017

Hi, I'm using `pass` from two years and I find a lacking feature: the
ability to copy a different line of the password's file.

If you run this command, `pass -c foo/bar`, it copies only the first
line of the file, where there is placed the password. But sometimes I
add the nickname in the second line, and if I can't remember the it I
must see the entire file `pass foo/bar`. It would be useful to specify
what line to copy, as a optional argument (the default is the first
line), like this example: `pass -c 2 foo/bar` (it copies the second line
of foo/bar password's file).

It is possibile?

Thanks for the attention,
Utente Utopico

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