Set up another PC to access pass's remote git repository

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Mon Oct 16 05:38:22 CEST 2017

OK, You asked for it :-).

I am using macOS so I can use POSIX file link semantics. I think Windows 
has something similar

1) Download and install Vercraypt. On my Mac using Homebrew Cask that is 
easy brew `cask install veracrypt`

2) Set up Dropbox sync folder (same idea also applies if you use Google 
Backup and Sync, etc)

3) Create a hidden Vercraypt file volume on your Dorpbox folder. See

4) Create a mount point for you hidden volume and mount it. You should 
now be able to read and write to you volume

5) Create a directory in you volume for you pass files.

6) Backup your pass files

7) Move you pass files to the directory you created in step

8) Create a link from the to the new location from the default location 
for the password store

9) Unmount the Vercraypt volume and remount it

10) Test pass access

11) Delete backup.

12) Make sure passwords for Vercraypt volume and cloud storage are known 
outside pass database

On 16/10/17 14:19, Mark Belchuk wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have similar situation to Ethan in that I am using 
> <> for my password files as well. I'm not comfortable 
> with this, but it is what I could get to work.
> I like what Alex is using (i.e. veracrypt hidden drive and then store 
> that on Dropbox), but I don't know how to set that up to work for 
> Password-Store. Any advice or instructions would be most welcome.
> Best regards,
> Mark
> On Oct 15, 2017 22:36, "Alec Clews" <alecclews at 
> <mailto:alecclews at>> wrote:
>     You can clone (plus push and pull) to a remote repository using
>     https as the transport instead of using ssh.
>     It seems to me that hosting on git cloud server may be a brave
>     choice? I'd be interested to know what other people think.
>     (I keep my password db in a veracrypt hidden drive and then store
>     that on Dropbox)
>     Cheers
>     Alec
>     On 16/10/17 11:46, Ethan Beyak wrote:
>>     Hi all, I'm a new user to pass. I've set up pass successfully on
>>     my laptop, synced it with a remote git repository on
>>     <>, and, using the password manager app by
>>     zeapo for Android, I've got capability to push and pull onto my
>>     phone. Now I'd like to be able to access the repository from
>>     another PC without ssh'ing.
>>     What are the necessary steps to do so on my other PC? Do I begin
>>     with cloning the git repository on the other PC?
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