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Danh Doan congdanhqx at
Wed Apr 8 15:47:01 CEST 2020

On 2020-04-08 15:36:27+0200, J Rt <jean.rblt at> wrote:
> If the specified gpg-id is different from the key used in any existing
> files, these files will be reencrypted to use the new id.
> This means that you cannot migrate specifically files encrypted with 1
> GPG ID1 to another GPG ID2, right? Does this well mean that all files
> encrypted with anything other than GPG ID2 will be re-encrypted to GPG
> ID2? In this case, migrate would do a slightly different task?

Please don't top-posting.

Re-encrypting everything with gpg-id-2 is a simple solutions (no need
to check which gpg-id was used to encrypt the file).

If you have password-store with multiple gpg-id,
it's better to organise them into sub-directory.

(top) |-> subdir-with-gpg-id-1
      |-> subdir-with-gpg-id-2
      |-> subdir-with-gpg-id-n


	pass init -p <subdir-k> <gpg-id-k>

Or, you could encrypt them with multiple gpg-id

	pass init -p <subdir-k> <gpg-id-m> <gpg-id-n> <gpg-id-p>


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