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Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetil.homme at
Wed Apr 8 15:49:26 CEST 2020

On 08/04/2020 14.48, J Rt wrote:
> Oooh, sorry I missed this, my bad, and thank you for pointing to this
> :) . I think this is exactly what you said: a bit surprising this is
> done by the init command. Do you think it would be reasonable to write
> a 'thin wrapper' on the init command and call if for example migrate,
> with a very easy / rigid syntax, so that n00bs like me do not get
> confused and get confident about exactly what they do / how they
> migate? :)

I suggested a patch to implement "pass reencrypt" in January:

Subject: [PATCH] add "pass reencrypt" sub command
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 17:33:56 +0100

it is just slightly different from pass init - ie. it will use existing 
.gpg-id files.  so in your case, you would have to update .gpg-id 
manually before running the command.  whether this is better/more 
convenient than just running "pass init" I will leave for you to decide. 
  in our usecase, we have dozens of keys (belonging to members of our 
team) which give varying access to subfolders, so using "pass init" is 
very awkward when we get a new hire :-)

Kjetil T. Homme
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