curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

J Rt jean.rblt at
Mon Mar 30 13:35:23 CEST 2020

I also would tend to believe that using github makes it much easier
for people to report bugs (issues), propose patches (pull requests),
to some measure browse the code, automate tests, etc.

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 12:23 PM Jens Tröger
<jens.troeger at> wrote:
> The beauty of Git in general is that you always have a copy of the repo
> locally (provided it’s up to date) so that even if the remote hosting
> site disappears you can start fresh easily.
> So, I personally wouldn’t be too worried about Github disappearing. And
> it does have the advantage of a huge existing community…
> Didum,
> Jens
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 12:15:39PM +0200, Christian Struck wrote:
> > It's called decentralization.
> >
> > The question is why github.
> > You never know when Microsoft decides to shutdown github or the us
> > government. So why should everything be on github?.
> --
> Jens Tröger

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