[PhotoFloat] How to deal with problems?

Martin Dimitrov martian at mafiainc.net
Sun Jan 18 21:37:16 CET 2015


Hi Martin, 

Your PhotoFloat is broken, because you don't seems to have js/ and css/
directories available under /pf. For example:
http://alan.madduck.net/~madduck/pf/js/scripts.min.js should be
available and should not return 404 error. You should just check your
links and/or rights. Also make sure that ~/photos is accessible from WWW
otherwise you would end up with haveing only thubnails and small images,
but when you want to see the full size image wouldn't be available. 

In case you don't have *.min.js files under js/ and *.min.css under css/
then you should go one level down where the Makefile is located and run
make to create these files. Just pay attention on the documentation here
for all the details: http://git.zx2c4.com/PhotoFloat/about/ 



На 18/01/2015 21:42, martin f krafft написа: 

> Hey,
> I am evaluating photofloat, but I am having trouble getting it to
> work. I cloned the Git repo to ~/PhotoFloat and set up
> ~/public_html/pf with symlinks to ~/PhotoFloat/web/*, then created
> ~/photos and ran
> ~/PhotoFloat/scanner/main.py ~/photos ~/public_html/pf/cache
> The result is at http://alan.madduck.net/~madduck/pf [1] and it's not
> working. But I cannot find *any* errors in the lighttpd log file or
> anywhere else, and as I am not really a Web-saveur myself, I am
> a bit at a loss.
> What's going on here? Can anyone help me figure this out, please?
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[1] http://alan.madduck.net/~madduck/pf
[2] http://lists.zx2c4.com/mailman/listinfo/photofloat
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