Running WireGuard on embedded devices with older kernel versions

Jacob Schooley jacob.schooley at
Wed Feb 14 18:31:55 CET 2018

I have a few verizon mobile hotspots and think this would be a perfect
place to implement wireguard. The only problem is the kernel versions
included with these hotspots:

- Novatel 5510 and Pantech MHS291 (also the Pantech UML290 USB stick) run
- Novatel 6620 runs 3.4.0

Also, I don't think they include CONFIG_NET_UDP_TUNNEL. Lots of proprietary
modules so the kernel can't be replaced without Novatel's sources.

These can be found pretty cheap on ebay and craigslist. I've heard the
newer ones, Netgear 791 and Novatel 7730 run 3.10 or newer, but I haven't
found any for a decent price.

OpenVPN can be run on these, but maxes out around 10mbps due to CPU

Is there any way to run wireguard on older kernels and without this config
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