Exempting two things from WireGuard tunneling

Nicholas Joll najoll at posteo.net
Fri Mar 2 01:33:25 CET 2018

Dear List

I'd like to exempt two things from WG: (1) some samba shares, accessed
via autofs, which give me enough trouble without having VPN dropouts
(courtesy of my VPN provider and/or my ISP) as well, (2) Netflix (which
I run via a Chrome app). The samba shares all have fixed IPs and most of
them are on a single Windows machine, on my home network, and another
share is to router-attached USB storage (and only works on Samba
protocol version 1, for some reason; the other shares work on version 3).

I imagine many people will want to do each of these things. There was
something on the list a long time back, I think, about 2, but it was too
technical for me to understand. (My VPN and Wireguard knowledge is
minimal, though I have Bash scripts that put WG up and take it down, and
tell it which servers(s) to use.)

With thanks,


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