binary module for arch?

Christian Hesse mail at
Tue Jan 1 21:50:07 CET 2019

"Jason A. Donenfeld" <Jason at> on Mon, 2018/12/31 01:58:
> Hey Christian,
> I noticed there are now two distro-built packages for wireguard for
> arch -- wireguard-lts and wireguard-arch. These seem probably more
> convenient for most people than the dkms one. What would you recommend
> in terms of updating ? And do you plan on
> depreciating the dkms one at some point, or do you think it will
> remain useful for certain users?

Hey Jason,

some people gave their legit reasons to keep wireguard-dkms. I have to add
another one: It is a build-dependency for the binary modules packages. So it
will stay definitely. ;)
Best regards,
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