how would one go about building an admin frontend?

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Wed Jan 16 21:25:37 CET 2019

On 01/11, John Accoun wrote:
> I red the 'Web App provisioning Server' which I believe describes a
> possible solution for this use case. But I am confused with the whole data
> storage thing. Where do configuarations live? Are the configuration files
> at /etc/whireguard/ the source of truth? If I edit these when is the list
> of peers refreshed?

I assume you're referring to [0]?

/etc/wireguard is only relevant for wg-quick, if you edit files there
your changes will only take effect once you down/up your interface with

So you obviously don't want to do it that way.

> The above mentioned document suggests shelling out to command line tools.
> Is this the recommended way. Does a general purpose library for managing
> wireguard config exist?

I'm not sure where you read that? In any case, you can control wireguard
via netlink[1], and there is also a embeddable library[2] in C

There also probably exists a netlink library for $YOUR_FAVORITE_LANG.


[1] See man 7 rtnetlink

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