Broadcasts - Is it possible?

Nicolas Will nico at
Tue Mar 5 16:19:12 CET 2019


I have setup a WireGuard VPN between my laptop running the client software and the machine at home running the server software. I love the simplicity and efficiency of WireGuard. Very nice job!

This client/server software made the design decision to build connections by relying exclusively on broadcasts for auto discovery. There is no manual override that allows me to point the client at the server using a host name or IP address.

I was hoping that, by seeing up the VPN between the machine running the client and the machine running the server, I would end up with both pieces directly on the same L3 network.

However WireGuard creates point to point links with no broadcast support, which, of course, does not help me.

My googling led to a post (can’t find it again, grrrr!) where it was said that not supporting broadcasts was a design decision. 

Is there a way around this? An option or setting that I missed and would allow broadcasts to be supported? Is it something on the roadmap that didn’t make it to the top of the pile yet?

Many thanks!


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