ArchLinux wireguard install

Frank Tornack planung at
Wed Jan 29 11:13:04 CET 2020

hello all,

I apologize in advance for the stupid question, but I am very unsure.
I received a voucher for a VPN service at a trade fair and would like
to test it. The service Mullvad VPN uses the technology WireGuard. And
I use ArchLinux.

My question was created by the ArchLinux Wiki. There it already refers
to the kernel 5.6, which should support this function without a module.
Now my question is, is it better to wait for this kernel or just
install the module? Would it be a problem if I forgot to delete the
module again? I am using the Network Manager, what do I need to be
aware of?

Many thanks in advance and thank you for developing this tool.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Frank Tornack

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