WireGuard for macOS

Ben Hyde bhyde at pobox.com
Sun Mar 8 03:37:03 CET 2020

Tormen -

Try: sudo scutil --nc list

If you see the wireguard setup in the list then you can then
read the man page for scutil to see assorted —nc subcommands;
including ones to start and stop it.

I do not understand why some of my wireguard tunnels do not
appear in scutil’s list.  But yeah, it’s all magic!

  - ben

On 7 Mar 2020, at 12:03, tormen at mail.ch wrote:

> Dear Wireguard Team,
> First off, thanks a lot for the client for macOS !!
> Is there a possibility to issue a "Connect" / "Disconnect" command 
> from the command line
> instead of using the buttons in the GUI ?
> I would love to use both (GUI + CLI): No automatic connect in the GUI, 
> but rather automatically connect / reconnect via script (so via 
> command-line interface, CLI).
> And I don't like the idea of not using the GUI and switching to the 
> cli version as then I don't have the icon.
> Thanks a lot in advance for any hint or feedback!
> Tormen
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