Windows version two big problems

Szymon Nowak szymonn841 at
Mon Apr 25 07:46:18 UTC 2022

I  found two Wireguard problems under Windows and am looking for help

First problem
When you generate a key, its first character is „\”  or  „+”
then the peer configuration does not work properly and you cannot
connect to such configured client

C:\Program Files\WireGuard>wg genpsk

PublicKey = vruCee8G/DSwxotMHfhYQu8hcDEyi6uX4XEjT4FDxDc=
PresharedKey = +RFmc+cEztZ/XcNquWvUJdNqlVfYWB3fM7bVCDaUOV4=

All the peers below stop working

Second problem
When i add rule to VPN peer
C:\Program Files\WireGuard>wg set peer_server peer
pExQ/CXgvHrq6kSO15H+PnCwDxENY7Mk3P7rPYv0F3Y= preshared-key
client3_PresharedKey allowed-ips

Then i cant  update config file
C:\Program Files\WireGuard>wg setconf peer_server peer_server.conf
Line unrecognized: `Address='
Configuration parsing error

Wg not supporte "Addres line" - I know  , only wq-quick supoort this
rule but wg-quick not exist on Windows platform . Every time I have to
add a rule manually and restart the service, then I disconnect all

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